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Jeg setter veldig stor pris på om dere gir et bidrag til denne siden, uansett sjanger eller språk. Alt fra større prosjekter til små tekster. Bare slik kan skolesiden bli bedre!
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The Little Red Riding Hood and the WolfSkriv ut Utskrift

Denne gangen er det ikke ulven som får det som han vil.

Engelsk - FortellingForfatter: Anonym

One afternoon I was in the wood and carried a basket of candy and berries to my grandmother. Suddenly a wolf jumped out from the bush and scared me, and I ran until he was gone. By the way I met Donald and I said: << Hi! …. I was on my way to my grandmother´s house bringing this basked with food, and I hope she is home. >>, then I smiled and went away. The wolf had hidden himself behind a tree and heard what I said, and he found a plan to fool me and get all the food for himself. He ran over to ma grandmother ´s house and killed her. He putted on her clothes and a nightcap, and pretended that he was my grandmother.


 When I came to the house, I saw that my grandmothers face was different. She have done a facelift and a huge beard over the whole face, and she had so much hair out of the ears, so it looked like wolf ears.

->, she said with a wrinkled voice.


The same time I saw that it wasn’t my grandma in the bed it was the wolf from the wood. I pretended that I didn’t know that, and I slowly picked up a knife from my basket, and gave him a “hug” and cut him in the neck. He died and I lived happy ever after, cause I got a new wolfskin basket.

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