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Jeg setter veldig stor pris på om dere gir et bidrag til denne siden, uansett sjanger eller språk. Alt fra større prosjekter til små tekster. Bare slik kan skolesiden bli bedre!
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En dialog på engelsk om indianereSkriv ut Utskrift
En oppdiktet samtale med Columbus.
Engelsk - AnnetForfatter: Anonym

Columbus: Guys, you have to see this.


Jack: What are you looking at? Give me the binoculars.


Columbus: This is sick! They killed a Elephant, and now they’re dancing around it.


Jack: You’re trying to trick me again. I want to see it too, give me the binoculars.


Jack: Oooh, you’re right. They are dancing around it. What do you think they’ll do next? Eat it perhaps?


Columbus: I don’t know Jack, perhaps the native people are waiting for you. Waiting for the right moment to attack, and then eat you. Be very careful Jack, you’ll never know what these uncivilized people would do for a living.


Jack: Don’t underestimate these people. They may be uncivilized, but they will respect us... I think...


Columbus: Ha-ha, that‘s what you think! Once they notice you, they will try to attack you as self-defence. Just be careful, ok?


Jack: Ok, ok. Just don’t nag about it anymore! Wait... Look... What is that?


Columbus: What do you mean?


Jack: Can’t you see? Something or someone is walking to our direction.


Columbus: Give me the binoculars!


Columbus: Yeah... I can see it too. It looks like is one of the native people.


Columbus: Your right, perhaps some of them noticed us.


Columbus: Come on!


Jack: Where?


Columbus: To hide of course. Unless you want to be native-food!



They ran as fast and as silence as they could. They didn’t want to get noticed, in case the native people would eat them. They were frightened about the thought, and ran for hours.


Jack: Can’t we stop now? I’m tired, sir!


Columbus: Wait... Look there!


Jack: Where?


Columbus: There!


Jack: Where sir?!


Columbus: That native girl. Next to the river... She’s beautiful.


Jack: Yeah, I can se her, sir.


Columbus: I think I’m in love.


Jack: Sir, how wonderful…


Columbus: Jack! Stay here, I want to talk to her…


The end

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