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When the worst thing turned into the greatestSkriv ut Utskrift

Når du opplever å være i nærheten av å miste noe veldig nært.

Skrevet i 9. klasse.

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4th of May 2034, New York City

The hurricane was right in front of me. Right in front of me whirling like a hyperactive and wild psycho – A big, tremendous hurricane moving rapidly towards me. Its speed was at approximately 250 kilometres per hour, and the sight of it scared me to death. I was looking at death right in front of me, right in front of my eyes. For a second, it felt like I couldn’t breathe. I lost focus and control, only for one thing; to survive. All I thought to myself was: “I’m going to die. Right here, right now. This is the end of my life.”


I was only 16 years old back then, yet having that close-to-death-feeling. It was terrible, and it was not a good experience at all.


The people around me were screaming and shouting in all great panic. They were running around flapping with their arms having no idea where to go. Cars were smashed into pieces in a huge dump, houses and unstable buildings were torn apart, children were crying like they were getting harmed to death and trying to hide behind their mommies like that was going to do the situation any better. It was a true disaster and there were serious ruins, indeed, and nothing but chaos and dramatic panic. After getting my mind into place, the first thing I did was to run. I ran at a speed of probably 100 kilometres per minute (not literally) in great panic with death breathing down my neck, hoping to find a safe place to hide while the hurricane was still ruining thousands, maybe millions of lives, homes and families. I couldn’t handle the thought of dying now, especially not at this age. And I prayed to God that my family was in a safe condition. The last thing I wanted was for my family to die – My loving and caring mother, my wise and supporting father, my understanding and fun sister, and my playful and cheerful little brother at four. I’d guard them with my life.


I saw no other option or choice than to get into one of these sewage tops (lids). One of them was 50 metres away from me, so I hurried to open the lid when the hurricane was something about 30 metres away from me. I was breathing heavily and my pulse rate was probably at 140 per minute. So I jumped inside – Inside this cold, wet and dark space, and I quickly closed the lid. The distance between the lid and the ground was about four metres, so I was kind of worried about how I was going to be able to get outside again. I didn’t feel quite comfortable, not knowing when the hurricane was over, so that I could go back to my non-tragic life again. With a sigh I closed my eyes and disappeared into Neverland.


Three days were past. Exactly 74 hours, 26 minutes and 9 seconds from the day I jumped inside this temporary jail. I had gone that long without food and water, and I was starting to feel weak. I wouldn’t dear of opening that lid…


Suddenly I heard a sound – A sound of hope. The sounds came from outside. And so the lid got opened, I saw three men – three firemen. I could hear them say something about “What do we got here? Is it a dead body? Let’s pick it up anyways to find out.”

- No! I’m alive.

I spoke as loud as I could, because I didn’t want to end my life there.

- Well, then, we’ve found a survivor!

The firemen seemed happy to find me, even though their looks were serious. They produced a rope from their fire engine to pick me up, and so I started to climb. I was blessed.


At the hospital I was getting fed and taken care of. A nurse came inside my room to check upon me, to see if I was OK.

- Your family is here to visit you.

My family was here? Of course they would survive! I knew it, and I was absolutely thrilled.


After a long day – after my parents taking me home – I learned one thing. And that one thing was that I would appreciate and worship my life much more. I would raise the price upon my life, because one can never know when hopeless accidents like this one will happen. From now on I shall show my great love to my nearest ones, because I now have realized one can never know when death is right around the corner.


At an age of 66, I know what I’m talking about. Life is a gift. So why don’t you live out every moment you’ve got while you’re alive?

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