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LoveSkriv ut Utskrift
What is love?
Engelsk - DiktForfatter:

I know you’ve felt the feeling

A couple times or more

And wondering what in the world to do

Just to reach the score


There is one word to describe it

And with a meaning very deep

Could this word give an answer of

This feeling that we seek


It surrounds harmony and pain

And has a meaning to us all

With jealousy to gain

Could make the strongest people fall


Only one word I will give you

But you will always reach for more

Failing and succeeding

When love’s what you looking for


Feelings they are getting through

And hurtful they can be

But often filled with great romance

And peaceful you will see


But sometimes comes a breaking fall

And you have nothing more to say

Speechless no matter what you do

When all the love fades away

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