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You left me brokenSkriv ut Utskrift
Et dikt om kjærlighetssorg.
Engelsk - DiktForfatter:

You left me broken,

with some words unspoken.

yeah,that was wrong,

but darling I'm so damn strong!

the weakness and the darkness;

I supose that is what you gave from a dark rose....beside;

I want to kiss you cause I miss you,

but that would be a mistake!

only because I know how much you cannot take...

I said I'm sorry,

you said don't worry...

but hey;

this is not for some glory,

only a fake lovestory!

-only and very lonely....

you and me,just wait and see...

I keep telling myself;

should I stay or should I go?

damn,I miss you so...!

it hurts,more than some stupid words!

I will never let you go because I want you so!

I learned to be thankfoul,

not hatefoul!

I supose you gave me the red rose as the symbol of your love?

not even the dark one will end my feelings for you....

this isn't something you are going through.

you ment everything...

I ment...I didn't even ment anything!

I felt something,

you felt nothing!

you broke me once and twice,

now I'm standing all alone by my side,

this is not going wide!

no one can wait forever...

neither can we,just wait and see.


-damn,you're a piece of crap!

I just wonna trough you in the trash!

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