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The colonization of AlgeriaSkriv ut Utskrift
Algerie og den franske kolonialiseringen.
Engelsk - ArtikkelForfatter:

France started colonization in early 1600. They took over lands in North America, Caribbean, India and Asia. They had the 2nd largest colony, after the British Imperium.


We have decided to focus on the French colony in Algeria. The French invaded Algeria in 1830, by a proposition by the French minister of war; Clermont-Tonnerre. The French killed one third of the Algerian polulation, about 1 500 000 people. The dey of Algeria accepted capitulation, after the battle Staouèli on the 19th of june.


The French King Charles the fifth decided to take over Algeria on the last days of Bourbon Restoration so he could increase the population of his empire. He knew that Algeria was in a poor economic state with little military forces so it was easy to take over.


After more than a century in the power of France, Algeria declared war against France. The consisted of many different techniques: Guerille Warfare, Maquis Fighting and Terrorism. These techniques were used for both the invasion by the French and the war for independence by the Algerians. In July 1962 Algeria regained independence.


When Algeria seceded the war against France, the arabs became the majority in Algeria. This led to Arabic rules and laws. 2006 Algeria was connected to Al-Qaida, and have experienced a lot of suicide-bombing trough the past 5 years.

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