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Hawaii (Also called The Aloha State)

Hawaii is an island in the middle of north and south America. It is in the Pacific Ocean.
1,2 million people lives on the Hawaiian islands.
It used to be called the sandwich islands, but now it’s named Hawaiian islands!
All the islands together is 16 641 km2 (without the ocean between them) If you take Hawaii four times, you will get the size of Svalbard.
Hawaii is many hundreds of islands.. The nature is water and shores.. and harbours. It’s warm winters and very hot summers there.
And some familiar cities; Honolulu, Hilo, Kailua, Pearl City and so on.. The capital is Honolulu.

In 1959 the Hawaiian islands became a state of it’s own.(the 50th state in the U.S)
In 1990 over 60% of Hawaii’s population was of Asian descent, including people of Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino’s. There is a small minority of Hawaiians and about 33% of the population is white.
It is believed that the Polynesians who first settled the islands.

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