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"Stormbreaker" (A. Horowitz)Skriv ut Utskrift

Bokrapport om boka Stormbreaker.

Karakter: 5

Engelsk - Anmeldelse (bok, film...)Forfatter:

Title: Stormbreaker

Writer: Anthony Horowitz

Publisher: Walker Books

Publicationyear: 2000


Short Summary Of The Book

Alex's uncle worked for Britains M16 Special Services and was killed on a mission to stop the new computer called Stormbreaker.

Stormbreaker would kill every schoolchild and teacher who turned it on. Ian Rider figured out so much stuff about it, that Yassen Gregorovich had to kill him in his car. The police and Mr. Blunt told Alex that his uncle died in a car accident.

But Alex didn't believe that this happened and he was recruited by M16 to finish his Uncle's mission. They tried to kill Alex also and he is stuck and has to figure out how to stop the Stormbreakers before they kill every schoolchild and teacher in all schools in England.

Alex has a dangerous mission; he has to stop Herod Sayle and the Stormbreakers before the Prime Minister turns on the Internet.


Main Characters

Alex Rider is a 14-year-old boy who is recruited by M16 Secret Service Agency to finish his uncle’s mission.

Ian Rider, Alex’s Uncle, was killed by a Russian terrorist.

Yassen Gregorovich is a Russian terrorist.

Herod Sayle is a rich businessman, and a mass murderer psychopath who tries to kill all the schoolchildren in England, just because he hates them.

Mr. Blunt is the head of M16 special Services.


What’s the book really about

I think the writer wants the reader to think about how good he really knows his family. Because that is a part of what the book really is about. And of course the writer wants to make the reader enjoy the book.


My opinion

I liked this book very much. I think the writer makes it exciting to read.

But in the start it was very confusing, who is who and what is what, but suddenly there is a turning point, where all the missing puzzles comes together. After this you almost can’t stop reading.  And even if it’s a child’s book, I’ll recommend it for elder people too.

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