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Inside of my heartSkriv ut Utskrift
Om kjærlighet og sorg.
Engelsk - DiktForfatter: Anonym

I still remember the first time we met,
it's not as simple as you think, to just forget.
You were shining like an angel from the sky,
but I didn't dear, cause I was too shy.
Now we are, almost 4 year older,
I'm still in love, but my heart is colder.
Its bleeding, and bleeding,
because of you,
and theres nothing more I can do.
I've tried everything, just to make you mine,
But I did never cross the line.
Cause I just hoped that one day you would see,
that we really are ment to be.


I don't want to feel like this,
all I've got from you, is just a simple kiss.
Why, couldn't you just see,
that one more kiss would have sat me free.
I really don't understand, what's wrong,
cause my love to you are still to strong.
So I just cant let you go,
just because I love you so
So I wish this dream comes true,
cause I will never stop lovin you!


All I want is to let you behind,
but a guy like you isn't easy to find.
You know I love you, of course you do,
You know there's anyone else above you,
You know that you have won my heart,
You know I feel pain, when we're apart.
If my love to you, are growing stronger,
I don't want to live any longer.
Cause it hurts too much, inside of me,
for beeing in love with you, is hard to be.

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