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Snowboard - A growing sportSkriv ut Utskrift
Kort tekst om historien til snowboard.
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The last couple of years snowboard has grown to be one of the most popular sports in the world. But snowboard isn’t a new sport like everybody think. Already in 1963, Tom Sims made a snowboard on the art & crafts lessons on school. Today, Sims is one of the most famous merchandise in the world.


One of the best snowboarders in the world is Terje Haakonsen from Norway. He got sponsored by Burton in 1984, only 10 years old. He have won Olympic Games allot of times and he just made a new film called (the hill of death). In this film he jump of cliffs and do allot of breathtaking stunts. He said that he was afraid when he did the film, but afterwards he’s glad to have done it.


The late 70`s and the early 80`s snowboard was illegal in the slopes in Norway. But in 1986 it became legal, and the world’s first championship NM was started in Norway. Terje Haakonsen came on second place, only two points after   Svein Kristensen. After that NM was arranged every second year. Terje Haakonsen won almost every year before he redraws from the championship. He’s won NM more than anyone else.


Right after snowboard came to Norway, it was skaters and surfers

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