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That prom nightSkriv ut Utskrift
Et dikt om en tragisk hendelse natten til et skoleball.
Engelsk - DiktForfatter: Anonym

Back then she was a dream,

she was the beautiful prom queen.

But no one knew how she felt inside,

no one could know about all the secrets she used to hide.

No one would understand if she told them..

how she couldn't stop crying,

and how she wish she was dying.

by her father she got abused,

by her friends she just felt used.

she felt that her lovely boyfriend was the only one that loved her,

until that prom night.


She's still looking through the same window,

she have done it ever since that night..

she will never forget that awful fight.

She always think about that guy,

and she keeps on asking why.

She still imangine it's the prom night, and that he's there,

she don't understands that she is still in her room, right here.

She still wear the same dress, after that prom night.

No one could imagine she would end up in that fight.


Like this the fight started;

He said he'd found someone new,

and now their relationship were through.

first she was screaming, but then she started to cry,

she asked him over and over again why.

He got angry and hit her, so she fell at the ground.

She only cried louder, because of that terrible wound.

She got up and hit him as hard as she could,

he said she could do whatever she would.

then he grabbed her arm, and threw her down..

she fell hardly at the ground,

once again she got a awful wound.

he screamed that he never loved her, turned around and didn't care.

all she could feel now was pain, but mostly fear.


The next day someone found her lying there.

The fight had taken place right here.

She got home, in her bed..

She was looking through the window,

She looked so sad.

She wasn't that sad, deep inside she just was really mad.


She never took the dress of. it's still drained in blood and mostly torned apart.

The dress have been that way since that special guy ripped out her heart.

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