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Jeg setter veldig stor pris på om dere gir et bidrag til denne siden, uansett sjanger eller språk. Alt fra større prosjekter til små tekster. Bare slik kan skolesiden bli bedre!
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On a pink cloudSkriv ut Utskrift
Et dikt om et sted der alt er godt.
Engelsk - DiktForfatter:

I wanna fload away

on a pink cloud

to a world where

crying is not alowed

I wanna fload away

On a pink cloud of dreams

And look down at those

Who just follow the streams


I wanna fload away

To a fairytaleland

With no illness or war

Only a helping hand

I wanna fload away

From reality

To this wonderful world

in my fantasy


and when I look down

at my world from above

I only see happiness,

Joy, peace and love

Everyone are my sisters

and brothers

And we always helps

and supports each other


But the best of all

in my fantasyworld

is the sound of the laugh

to every boy and girl

I want it to be real,

I really do

Surrounded by butterflies

In the blue

I’m lying here

Thinkin’ about:

The world could be better

Without a doubt


And when I fly home

from this place far away

I wake up to a brand new day

With new opportunities

One more chance

To turn my life into

a wonderful dance!

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