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In the last hundred years we have poissened our planet with all kinds of dangerous chemicals. We are slowly destroying our envirement, and soon there will be nothing left of our forests and fresh water. What can goverments, companies and ordinary people do to cut down on the pollution of soil, water and air?


Water pollution:

All living things require water. In areas where water is plentiful, there are dense forests and lots of animals. In dry regions, there is much less plant and animal life. The earth’s fresh water and ocean water are also important food sources for the world’s population. Water is a substance most people take for granted.

 Many of our lakes and rivers were important sources of fresh water. But people used them as dumping grounds for wastes and sewage. This has caused them to become polluted. Polluted water is not safe for drinking, swimming, or bathing. Pollution also destroys many of the organisms that live in oceans, rivers, lakes and streams.


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Air pollution:

Air is something that all living things require. We need air to breath, and nothing can grow without fresh air. Plants take in carbon dioxide in the food making process. Also during this process, they release oxygen into the atmosphere. Living things take in oxygen to break down the food they eat to produce energy.

When toxic or harmful substances are released into the atmosphere, they are called air pollutants. The main cause of air pollution is the burning of fuels. Coal and oil are needed to run our factories. Fuel oil is used to heat our homes. Gasoline is burned to make our automobiles run. Fuels are burned to help produce electricity. When these fuels are burned, they release smoke and other chemicals into the air. acids then fall to the earth as rain, snow, sleet, hail or fog. This is called acid rain. This acid rain can destroy plant and animal life. Acid rain also kills trees and destroys crops. When it falls into lakes and streams, it kills fish and harms our drinking water.


Soil pollution:

Soil pollution occurs when harmful chemicals are added in quantities that adversely affect soil quality. Soil degradation occurs when the changes in the depth or physical or chemical properties of the soil reduce its quality. The chemicals also runoff the soil into surface waters and move through the soil polluting groundwater.


What can we do?

All these pollutions of soil, water and air can be redused. If the governments would pay more attention to what is going on in our world, we would probably fond a sollution to the problem. Since it is the government who is in charge of the economi in our countries, it is up to them to give more money to oranizations, and maby create a more stright law.


Of all the pollution in the world, it is the big factorys, own by big companies who does the most damage to the envirement, by dumping dangerous chemocals into the soil and air. These problems can only be solved if the companies would find a less polluted way of getting wridd of felling waste.


If all ordinary people would be more careful about what they throw in our nature it would certanly make a big differense. Most people don`t care about what they throw away, and if your on a Sunday walk in the forest, you probably will observe everything from soda bottles to half finished cigarettes.


So if the governments would give more money to organizations, companies would make there factorys stop dumping chemicals, and ordinary people would stop throwing garbage everywhere, we could be locking forward to a more healthier world to live in.



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