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LoveSkriv ut Utskrift
A love expression.
Engelsk - DiktForfatter: Anonym

I am close

Yet there's still a huge distance


I am struggling to get forward

as you are ignoring the truth


I am in love with you

although it's not visible


I am scared of losing you

losing what we have


I can't emagine a world without you

You are all I've ever wanted

You are special in every way


You've caught my heart

It's in a great and awful place right now


You are my key to happiness and joy

You are my everything!


No word, no emotion,

no behavior could ever express myself


You've open my gates of love

I don't have the power to close them,

only you do


I think I'm in love with you,

but I don't think you've realised


I will leave it to you

Take care of me,

decide my path, my fate,

as you always do


I am in love with you.


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